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Frequently Asked Questions

Prepared by DJ Eric Reynolds

How long have you been a DJ, and how many weddings and special events have you performed?

I have been a DJ for more than 25 years. I have performed at least 1000 events.

Why should we hire you?

Great question. You should hire me because I am an experienced DJ, Master of Ceremonies, and music enthusiast, AND I have a passion for weddings and special events. I am friendly, courteous, professional, punctual, and present!

Do you have formal training as a DJ?

Yes. Aside from my years of experience as a wedding and special events DJ, I studied radio broadcasting at San Francisco State University. I have been a radio deejay and performed worldwide as a professional nightclub and special event DJ for more than 15 years.

What kind of experience, background, and education do you have?

Other than 25 years of wedding experiences, I have been, and still am a music producer, recording artist, and performer. Aside from radio broadcasting, I studied linguistics in college, which contributes to being well-spoken, and applies to any difficult name pronunciations during announcements.

Will you personally be the DJ for our event?

Yes. Upon confirmation of my services, you would be working with me the whole time. If you’re having a large event, I might have an assistant with me.

How many songs in your music library?

30,000+. I only have and play clean versions of songs. If there’s anything I don’t have, that you need, I’ll get it.

In what format is your music?

I play quality mp3 files using Spotify libraries. I can play CDs but an advance request must be made at least 24 hours prior to the event.

How do you handle requests?

I welcome all music requests and have a specific and friendly procedure for honoring them (if they are appropriate for our program), and politely declining them (if they are on your “Do Not Play” list, or they are offensive to the program).

How do you handle announcements?

I prefer keeping announcements “short and sweet”. I am an entertainer, not a “showboat”, and I will not compromise the flow and elegance of your event. I am fun and exciting and will certainly keep things moving.

Will you provide a wireless microphone for our ceremony proceedings, toasts, and formal announcements?

Yes, for your wedding or special event, I will have at least one wireless hand-held microphone and, should I provide ceremony services, two wireless lapel microphones for your officiant and your vows. Extra microphones are available at an additional charge.

In case of equipment failure, do you have a back-up system?

Yes. I have back-up equipment and an alternate plan for my services.

Can you provide us uplighting, effects lighting, and a mirror ball?

I can provide uplighting for the reception. A disco ball and additional effects lighting can be included in your package at an additional charge.

How long before my wedding event will you show up?

I will begin load-in and set-up at least 90 minutes prior to your guests’ arrival. For bigger events that require additional set-up, I will give myself enough time to sound check and begin the music before your guests arrive.

What will you wear for my event?

A tuxedo or suit and tie, unless you specify otherwise.

Do you provide a wedding timeline itinerary?

A tuxedo or suit and tie, unless you specify otherwise.

Do you provide a written contract and guarantee your services?

If you decide to move forward, I will provide you with a legal contract that will protect both of us. While my reputation precedes me, I can only guarantee non-performance related issues that are stated in my contract.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. In the event of a cancellation, I would require written notification to be received not less than 60 days prior to your wedding event date. If I receive timely notice of the cancellation, I would refund 50% of the deposit less any expenses already incurred by me, within 60 days. Failure to provide me notification will result in non-refund of the deposit as liquidated damages.

What if you get sick?

In 25 years, I have never missed a wedding or special event. I take very good care of my health and exercise daily. If, by some unfortunate dire circumstance, cannot perform at your event, I will schedule a professional alternate DJ/Emcee.

Is a deposit required? When would you need it? When is the final payment due?

A deposit of 50% of the total rate is due with an initialed and endorsed contract (which I provide) to confirm my services for your event. The remaining balance is due at least two weeks prior to your event.

What if we need you to play overtime?

Extra time is assessed at $150 per additional hour, and payment is due prior to the overtime. If you would want me to keep playing, I require that you give me at least 15 minutes notice and the consent of the location manager.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept personal or business checks. I can also accept credit cards at an additional 2.9% of the amount as charged by my merchant services.

Are there any additional or hidden charges?

There are never any hidden charges. Any additional charges would be for overtime, long-distance travel expenses, or additional sound or lighting equipment beyond what my package offers. If your location is more than 85 miles from San Francisco, there will be an additional travel charge of $1 per mile thereafter. If adequate parking is not available at your location, you will be responsible for any parking fees.

Is gratuity included in your rates?

It isn’t. While I would very much appreciate a tip for my performance, your smiles would do!